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Together We Make Maryhill is getting a relaunch!  We’re building on our strengths to meet the needs of the community.  So…it’s going to become an ecumenical partnership between us and the Immaculate Conception.  This expresses what we want for our community and we have practical ideas to help make it all happen.  We aim to build on our growing relationship and will be sharing the skills and gifts of our Community Development Worker – Iona – from September 2021, helping us reach the parish that we jointly serve.

We continue to raise funds for this but now will share the task with the Immaculate and we are confident everyone will see the benefits.  We’re going to continue to celebrate the skills and gifts of people in the community and encourage us all to grow in body, mind and spirit.  And we hope to help our community recover from this awful pandemic.  As well as helping our churches communicate to everyone, we want to encourage local people to grow in confidence, encourage their volunteering and thrive in their place in this community.

We hope you can hear our excitement and will support the vision so that, truly, together we will make Maryhill!